Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Seekport launches Spanish search engine just for Spain

Seekport - the German-born search engine, which recently moved out of beta in the UK as reported in this blog, has launched a Spanish site for the Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician languages - just for Spain.

Seekport launches Spanish search engine - just for Spain

The company's strategy is to produce spam-free results by using human editors to improve their quality. In the case of Spain, the editorial team will be ensuring that results from Latin and South America are removed from the results - with web sites using the .es domain most prominently displayed.

Seekport says it has appointed a Spanish editorial team and opened offices in Madrid. The search engine is currently located at www.seekport.com.es - but as soon as the 100%-owned Spanish subsidiary has been created - it will move to www.seekport.es.

The company is planning a launch in Italy for the end of June which will mean the company is "Online in the most important European countries," says CEO Joachim Kreibich, "Nevertheless, this year we will also be launching in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe."

Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH Press Story in German