Monday, May 16, 2005

New Saudi Arabian search engine in English launches in Beta

The Saudi-based Dar Al Riyadh Holding Group has launched a new beta version English-speaking search engine built by Tajseed Solutions.

New english-speaking Arabic search engine launched in beta

Deepy has a look of Microsoft (that search button...?) and the now standard Google format. However, it has a very neat spelling feature which corrects you as you type.

This may seem innocuous enough - but if English is not your mother tongue and the world's information is largely recorded in English and only findable by searching in that language - you'd appreciate some help with your spelling wouldn't you?

A report carried out in 2004 by Web Certain suggested that Arabic speakers, amongst other non-English mother-tongue speakers, found searching in English less than easy. Deepy may just have come up with a solution which may well be copied by others. Now that would be a good idea if search engines added accent correction to their none-English sites!

Reported by Abondance