Wednesday, May 04, 2005

37% of Austrians use the internet almost daily

The Austrian Internet Monitor (AIM) has published its 2005 first quarter figures for use of the internet in Austria with further figures confirming the continuing growth in use of the web. This latest report particuarly reinforces the point that, as the internet becomes more accessible, the degree of daily use also increases with 37% of Austrian's over 14 now using the internet almost daily.

The first quarter of 2005 has increased by 2% in terms of access to the internet (66%), active use has increased by 1% overall (59%) - but intensive use has increased by 2% (46%). This seems to suggest that there is a move towards more active use by those who have access.

The total Austrian web audience is now 4,451,000, 3.3 million of which are accessing on a very regular basis. In the 14-19 age group, 93% have access to the internet.

Austrian Internet Monitor