Saturday, June 18, 2005

Spain breaks the mark--number of high speed connections grow

According to the Internet User Association (AUI), at the end of May, Spain reached 4,034,317 internet users with high speed internet connections; 3,124,517 users opted for DSL and 873,000 rely on cable connections.

Not surprisingly 80% of these connections originate from urban locations and 50% off all connections come from Madrid and Barcelona. To continue the trend, AUI maintains that prices will need to continue to drop. On average, a DSL connection in Spain costs 45 euros, incomparable to other European countries, where the user pays less and receives more (connection speed).

According to a study performed by Tatum, a Spanish commercial and marketing consulting firm, with 14,445,289 internet users, Spain has now taken 12th place in the world.


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